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Port Fairy Folk Festival & The Gospel Show
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These photos were taken at the Port Fairy Folk Festival and feature Lloyd Spiegel, The Brewster Brothers, Shannon Bourne with John Schumann and Dave Folley, Sallie Campbell, Kate Miller - Heidke. The Gospel Show consists of Fiona Boyes, Lil' Fi, Kelly Auty, Marissa Quigley, Laura Love and Barbara Lamb.

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John Brewster
John Brewster
Rick Brewster, Brewster Brothers
Rick Brewster
Shannon Bourne, John Schumann, Dave Folley
Shannon, John, Dave
Gospel At Port Fairy
Gospel At Port Fairy
Lloyd Spiegel
Lloyd Spiegel
Sally Campbell
Sally Campbell
Kate Miller, Heidke
Kate Miller, Heidke
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John Brewster

Rick Brewster
"Brewster Brothers..."
John and Rick Brewster at Port Fairy Folk Festival 2008. Most of you may know them, from their days in The Angels. But here they have gone full circle and back to their roots, performing as The Moonshine Jug and String Band

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Shannon Bourne, John Schumann, Dave Folley (The Vagabond Crew)
"The Vagabond Crew..."
It was impossible for me to to leave Shannon out of this exhibition. Two reasons, he's one of the best guitar players in the world and his dad was my boss when I was 15 years old and can still kick my arse. I chose this particular photo because it shows Shannon's good mate Dave on Drums and John Schumann of Redgum fame looking on. You could see during the show how rapt John was to have Shannon in the band.

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Gospel At Port Fairy
"Gospel At Port Fairy..."
This Photo was taken at the Port Fairy Folk Festival 2007, This is the Gospel show that they put on every year on the Sunday morning. The people on stage are Fiona Boyes, Li'l Fi, Kelly Auty, Marisa Quigley, Laura Love, Barbara Lamb and Chris Wilson.

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Lloyd Spiegel
This photo was taken at the Port Fairy Folk Festival 2008. I had to include this photo as Lloyd is a very dear friend. Unfortunately for him, people keep getting us confused, this happened again at Port Fairy. A punter saw me in the street and aked why I wasn't at Goulburn this year. When I told him I was there with my camera he looked at me all confused. Watch the eyes, They're following you

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Sallie Campbell
"Speed Of Purple"...
I've named this after Sallie's Debut cd. This is because Sallie used another photo I took of her, on her cd, Which She forgot to credit me with.  I met Sallie at the Port Fairy Folk Festival where this and the photo on her cd were both taken.  and yes, she, did apologise and yes, we did, have a good laugh about it.

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Kate Miller (Heidke)
This is one of my favorite photo's, It was taken at the Port Fairy Folk Festival 2007. I was trying to get a good, close up, shot of Kate, but I was stuck on the side of the stage. There was an artificial plant with a long stem and long thin leaves in my way and I was getting rather frustrated.  Instead of picking it up and throwing it ( which is what I felt like doing ), I took a deep breathe and thought about what I had learn't at photo college. I remembered my teacher Chris Tabecki saying " Use what you've got ". So I looked at what I had and realised that, if I shoot through the plant, the leaves will silhouete, so I did and this is the result.

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